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Special Coverage for Special Cars

Barlow Insurance offers exceptional insurance for your classic automobile collection, whether you have one car or a dozen. Agreed-value coverage means your collection is insured for its true value. Newly-purchased cars are automatically covered for up to 30 days. Other features include: Contact us today for more information!

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Plans or coverage may vary. Not all coverages available on all policies - please read your policy for accurate description of coverage. This website only provides a general description of the coverage we provide and should not be construed as altering the insuring agreements, terms, conditions, exclusions and endorsements of the policy itself. Please read your policy carefully *CA ONLY* Not available in all states.

Sorry we do not insure daily-use vehicles. Our program was created for most collector vehicles 20 years or older, as well as some exotic cars up to new, replicas and vintage motorcycles. But unlike other collector car products, we won't limit the miles you can drive. California admitted A rated or better carriers.
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Consequential Loss

Submitting Vehicle Photos

When submitting photos of your vehicle to be insured, the purpose is to show the value of the vehicle, and support the value being insured. So it is important to show all four sides of the vehicle (front, back, left, right), as well as the engine and interior. This can be accomplished with four photos. The first photo shown here is a quarter-shot taken from the front-right of the car, and clearly shows the front and right-side of the vehicle. The second photo shown is a quarter-shot from the left-rear. (Be sure that your quarter shots are from opposite sides of the vehicle, so that both left and right sides of the vehicle are shown.) The third photo shown is of the engine. Even when taking the picture outside with sunlight, it is a good idea to use "fill-flash" to avoid dark shadows in the engine compartment. The last picture shown gives a sample view of the interior. This image shows the upholstery, but not the dashboard. Remember, the purpose of the pictures is to demonstrate the value of the vehicle, so if you have put a lot of time, energy and money into the upholstery, make sure it is shown in the photo. If the dashboard is where the money is, make sure it is included in the photo as well.
For more tips on photographing your car to look its best, you can download this one-page (PDF) guide with lots of great tips from  (You can also find the long version at this link.)
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